BL AUTO ENTERPRISES has no salesmen, no inventory and no advertising which gives us the lowest overhead costs possible.  All costs are transparent and customers get to see the actual sale price of the vehicle after the auction bidding.  It also guarantees that the amount you pay will not require any price negotiations on your part.  We are the only used car business who will give you true wholesale prices, allow you access to actual auction bid pricing and supply you with inventory lists from all over the country.  All this data is complementary.  We really believe in making you an informed buyer!

BURKE LEON started the company in 1996, which gives him over 20 years of experience in the business.  By training, Burke is a chemist, with a Ph.D., and has written the best-selling book “The Insider’s Guide to Buying a New or Used Car”.  Burke developed a unique auto buying model: running a business selling nearly new, off lease, low mileage, immaculate vehicles at a fixed price over wholesale auction prices.  That way there is no price haggling in the BL Auto car buying process.    

W LANE PARKER comes from a completely different background, the medical field.  Lane was a perfusionist and worked in cardiac surgery.  Originally  Lane and his wife purchased two cars from BL Auto using the same buying process we have now.  That is how Lane and Burke originally met.  When Lane retired from the medical field he wanted to start his own automotive sales business, so he approached Burke to help him set it up and they eventually became partners and the new BL Auto was launched.

Give us a call or send us an email and we will send you a free newsletter with current prices at the latest wholesale car auction.  In the newsletter, you will be able to see the prices on the makes and models that you can now purchase, directly through Burke and Lane at BL Auto Enterprises.  Our DIRECT PURCHASING, PERSONALLY FOR YOU, AT WHOLESALE PRICES, WITH A KNOWN MARK-UP will give you a sense of confidence and satisfaction that you’ve never had before when buying a used car.

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