BL Auto Enterprises

Buy your cars/trucks/SUVs at wholesale prices


Here’s what we do!  We buy nearly new, off lease, immaculate, low mileage vehicles, at dealer wholesale auctions and sell them at a reasonable flat fee over cost.  We can even get motorcycles.  We DON’T buy: salvaged titles, wrecks or cars in marginal shape.  We purchase the cars at a price much lower than retail.  We can buy and sell vehicles anywhere in the United States, and also, ship cars out of the country.   

We can also buy your vehicle and get you a better price than you can get from conventional dealer. 

BL Auto Enterprises has been in business for over 20 years.  We are licensed, bonded, insured and registered with the California Department of Motor Vehicles  (DMV) as a retail vehicle dealer.

We happily supply free information about car prices, availability and condition.  If you want to know what your present vehicle is worth, or what a wholesale end-lease used car will cost you, we will supply this information to you at no charge.


We have NO paid advertising.
We have NO paid employees.
We ONLY have one small office.
We do NOT purchase vehicles for display. 
      We ONLY purchase vehicles, one at a time, specifically for each individual client.  
Our costs for vehicles are almost nonexistent since we maintain no unsold inventory.

process works

  1.  You contact us, either by referrals, directly or via this website.
  2. You tell us what vehicle you want.
  3. You give us a budget and specify the specifics of the vehicle.
  4. We find you recent sale prices at auction.
  5. We reach a decision on price for your selected vehicle.
  6. You get your financing in-order.
  7. We give you a list of suitable upcoming inventory.
  8. With your approval we purchase a vehicle at a wholesale price at a dealer only auction.
  9. We have the vehicle inspected at the auction and again by our mechanic.
  10. We take care of the smog, registration and taxes.
  11. We present you with the final price of the vehicle.
  12. You sign the paperwork and you take possession of the vehicle.
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